Frequently asked questions

1. How do I order?
Please visit the Get a Quote page, fill in the details and submit it to us, we will then email you a total cost for the job, you are then free to send us your master disc or upload the files to us.

2. How do I pay?
We will take a 50% down payment of the total order cost, with the remaining 50% due upon completion of the order. We accept credit card (a payment link will be emailed to you) or cheque with the order.

3. Is there a minimum order?
For duplication the minimum is 50 discs, for replication the minimum is 1000. For specialised packaging such as colour card wallets and digipaks the minimum is 100.

4. When can I expect my discs?

Duplication is between 5 to 7 working days from receipt of artwork & master disc, we will always try to get your discs to you quicker than the given lead time if everything runs smoothly. Replication takes between 10 to 12 working days from receipt of artwork & master disc.

5. What is the difference between duplicated and replicated discs?
Duplication is the process of burning the information onto the discs using professional CD towers, the process is much like when you burn a disc in a home computer but done on a much larger scale and suitable for up to 500 units.

Replication is a more complicated process by first making a single glass master disc that is chemically treated and acts as a template for the destination discs. The discs are then stamped from it on a high-speed production line. Replication is cost effective for 1000+ units but it is not suitable for anything below 500 units due to the initial setup costs.

6. I've heard that some machines don't play CD-R's & DVD-R's, should I be concerned?
When CD-R's and DVD-R's were first manufactured, a lot of devices could not read these type of discs as the lasers were not designed to read the recording dye they were made from. Manufacturers soon solved this problem by making CD-R & DVD-R friendly players that are around today. There are still a few of the older players out there where compatibility could be an issue however, it is extremely rare. In over 15 years we have not had any discs returned because of this issue.

7. How do I prepare my artwork?
We have provided you with templates to help you with the dimensions of the artwork, they can be found here. It is important to provide artwork as either a PSD, JPEG, TIFF or PDF and should be at least 300dpi. Do remember to send any specialised non-standard fonts across to us.

8. Where do I send my disc files / artwork ?
You can upload digital files here OR you can physical items to:
Discsmart Disc Services,
Caxton House,
Caxton Ave,

9. Do you store my master disc and artwork?
Yes, we store a full copy of your master disc and artwork, that means as soon as you need more we can get on with these right away with no waiting for masters & artwork.

10. Do you offer any guarantees on your services?
Yes, in the unlikely event that you have a disc that is faulty we will send you out a replacement disc free of charge.