Cd duplication

Our CD duplication service is ideal for short runs of up to 500 units. We can provide a quick turnaround in as little as 3 - 5 days from receipt of a master disc and artwork. Our unrivalled CD duplication quality and turnaround time set us apart from the competition.

CD duplication is carried out by first checking the master disc and running the CD image into a dedicated hard drive before burning the data onto professional recordable CD-Rs. Once the CD-Rs have been duplicated they are then moved to the disc printing station where each one will be printed and then packaged in to your chosen packaging.

For CD duplication we also offer a CD authoring service, we can create your master CD from the source files you send to us. We will send you out a test CD before duplication begins for checking purposes. You can upload your files using our uploader found here.

We offer a wide range of packaging for all of our services, please see the packaging & artwork section for a closer look at the options available. All of our packagings are industry standard what you would expect to find in leading retail stores.



Cd replication

CD replication is the preferred method when you require a larger batch of discs (usually 1000 discs upwards) and is more cost effective that having the same amount duplicated due to a different method of production. Turnaround times are longer than duplication, usually from 10 - 12 days.

CD Replication differs from the CD duplication process in such that rather than the data being burned into a CD-R as with the duplication method, the data is physically pressed into individual discs from a glass master. The glass master is a 'negative' created by a chemical process which is then turned into a stamper from which the end production CDs are created.


CD printing only

If you prefer to have your discs printed without any packaging then we can offer you this service using our industry-standard discs. Whether you want them duplicated or left blank so you can burn them yourself you have the option to choose. Discs will arrive spindle packed.


  • Monochrome Black on Silver
  • Monochrome Black on White
  • Full Colour on Silver
  • Full Colour on White
All options are available either digitally printed or thermal printed.
Prices vary on digitally printed discs dependent on ink coverage.

When we receive your master disc we will first check that it is bit for bit verified before we start the CD duplication process, this essentially is running your disc through a system to make sure that the tracking of the disc plays from beginning to end without any glitches. You should always burn your master to a reputable brand such as a Verbatim discs or a Sony disc.

If you have your own artwork we suggest building it to one of our templates found here. The templates are set up correctly and can be opened with most popular graphics packages such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


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